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MAMMUT Smart offers intuitive control, easy handling and self-locking function. Dynamic braking falls climbing, ergonomically corresponds to reflective movements of the human body and natural grip. Thanks to the improved geometry of the carbine bore, it makes it easy for the rider to give the rope a comfortable fit. Suitable for all common HMS carbines and single ropes with a diameter of 8.7 - 10.5 mm.

The cutouts on the side of the guard, together with the inserted carabiner, ensure the blocking of the rope at a relatively small load. In the event of a fall, however, the rope does not immediately lock into "hard", but it slides somewhat, causing a partial dynamic capture of the fall. It is still necessary to check the rope under the guard by hand. Trigger runs similar to a classic bucket. The only difference is that the thumb of the protective hand is pressed against the handle by the grip and at the same time grips the rope, which is still under control.

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