Beach shelter

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Adventure Guy


Designed for tourists to protect from the sun, rain and drizzle. Seconds shelter, which can be assembled in a few moments. Ideal for tourism protection.


Length 145 cm. Max. Height: 105 cm. Transfer case: Circle with a diameter of 56 cm.


1.1 kg

- Tropical material reflects UV rays, factor UPF 20. Protect skin with appropriate formulations. Notice! A large portion of UV radiation can penetrate through an open entry.

- Use the attached pins in the wind. Practical detail: For increased stability of the shelter in the wind, you can also use packs filled with stones or sand, in addition to the supplied pins. Place it on the inside windward side of the shed.

- Polyurethane coated polyester jacket protects against mild rain. The floor is insulated from moisture from the ground and prevents leakage into the shelter. Note: The seams are not impermeable, so the product does not protect against heavy rain.

- Rods: glass fiber with increased break resistance. Pins: galvanized steel, 5 mm in diameter and resistant to deformation.

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